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Daysaver launches the Incredible modular multi

May 20, 2023

Daniel Blackham 31/05/2023 Gear

Daysaver has launched its latest modular multi-tool, the Incredible, with a Kickstarter campaign.

The Swiss startup company, which was awarded the "Innovation from a Newcomer" at the 2021 BikeBiz Awards, says this is the start of "a new era" of tools for on the go.

The Incredible multi-tool retains the advantages offered by the form factor of an allen wrench. It can reach all the screws on the bike and has two levers to apply the appropriate torque.

At the same time, it becomes possible to store the multi-tool in the various cavities of the bike to save space. The foldable lever utilises a spring mechanism that makes it easy to extend and retract the arm. In use, the lever is firmly locked in place.

When folded it measures a compact 14.5 x 96.5 mm.

The Incredible is made of stainless, hardened steel and offers torque values that exceed what can be applied by hand. To improve performance, it has been manufactured with metal injection moulding technology.

The multi-tool also offers integrated storage for the bits. A sliding and magnetic mechanism for opening and closing ensures easy and quick access.

The patented MixMatch bits means that, when buying new components or a new bike, new bits can be purchased. The bits are also made of stainless, hardened steel.

Another option in the modular Incredible concept is for riders who are on the road without tubes. The tubeless tool is designed so that the plug is already equipped with patches and stowed immediately ready for use in the handlebar.

The brand says that the aluminium design provides stability and allows a reasonable use of force.

The tubeless tool is completed by a blade to cut off the protruding ends of the patches.

The Incredible Tubeless Tool with plug, chainbreaker and blade, can also be stowed in the tool.

As a first option to store the Incredible in the bike, Daysaver offers a mount for the handlebar. With an externally accessible set screw, the mount can be adjusted to the inner diameter of the handlebar.

The rest is done by the quick release mechanism. As a result, Daysaver says the holder sits "securely and firmly and at the same time the tool is immediately at hand when you need it".

With the Incredible's flexibility, the product range is expected to see more tools added.

Daysaver has suggested that there are plans for an adaptation of the existing multi-tool extension Coworking5 with chainbreaker, tire lever, spoke wrench, valve tool and a holder for chain links.

In addition, mounts for other cavities in the bike and for mounting options on the bike will follow. Options are also being developed for bikers who prefer to carry their tools in their pants/jersey pocket or backpack.

The Incredible multi-tool is available to pre-order on Kickstarter with delivery expected in 2024. So far the campaign has raised £10,000 of its £17,000 target.

For more information, or to view the crowdfunding campaign, click here

Product Details

Incredible Multi-tool

– Hardened stainless steel– Approx. 60 gram– 96.5 x 14.5 mm– Bits included: HEX 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 (integrated in the tool), T25. Additional bits T10, T15, T20, T30, Plus (JIS), slot can be purchased.

Incredible Tubeless tool

– 6061 T6 aluminium– Hardened stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced polyamide– Approx. 40 grams– 99 x 16 mm– Includes chainbreaker, blade, tubeless plug

Incredible Mount

– 6061 T6 aluminum, fiberglass reinforced polyamide– Approx. 8 grams– Handlebar end: diameter 26 mm, 2.5 mm thick. For handlebars with inner diameter 17 – 21 mm

Product Details Incredible Multi-tool Incredible Tubeless tool Incredible Mount