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5 Best and Fast Ethernet Cables for Gaming in 2023

Jun 01, 2023

While Wi-Fi tech has improved over the years, nothing beats a dedicated Ethernet setup for your PC or smart TV. An Ethernet cable is not as flashier as other accessories. That said, it's an essential part of your gaming setup. So much so, you are guaranteed a better gaming experience if you’re using a wired internet connection. However, it can be a bit tricky to pick the ideal Ethernet cable, given how the market is flush with a myriad of cables with similar specs sheets. Thankfully, we’ve done some research, and here are the best Ethernet cables for gaming.

A second's delay in a competitive game can be the difference between a victory and a loss. Instead of dealing with a sketchy Wi-Fi connection on your PC or gaming console, you should make use of your computer's ethernet port for flawless gameplay. A stable high-speed Ethernet connection also helps you deliver a steady Twitch session and download large game updates in no time.

Before we explore gaming Ethernet cables, check the posts below to level up your setup.


With a premium build quality, cheaper price tag, multiple size options, and the latest Cat 8 standard, Tesmax ticks all the boxes for a top gaming Ethernet cable. Tesmax is compatible with several devices with an RJ45 port. Whether you want to explore the Ethernet network on your monitor, laptop, smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, or a Windows PC, simply plug in the cable to enjoy buffer-free streaming and gameplay.

Tesmax's offering boasts the latest Cat 8 standard that operates at 2,000 MHz frequency and delivers data transmission speeds of up to 40Gbps. Some may find it overkill, but it's definitely future-proof. After all, not many change their Ethernet cables when a new variant or standard is announced.

The core is made of pure copper and the cable has an aluminum and woven mesh shield with a PVC cover. Overall, you are looking at a robust ethernet cable that should last you for years to come.


Speaking of high-speed Ethernet cables for gaming, how can we leave UGREEN from the list? The company is known for its durable accessories, and its Ethernet cable is no different. UGREEN's Ethernet cable is braided and it can withstand wear and tear like a pro. It's sturdier than a cable with a PVC shell and it looks quite premium too

The cable supports 40Gbps network speeds and 2,000 MHz frequency. As such, the cable's performance is right up there with other pricy alternatives on the list.

The cable is available in 3FT – 65FT size. Whether you want an Ethernet cable for your gaming setup or your huge office, you should be able to find UGREEN's offering in an appropriate size. The company claims the cable went through strenuous quality tests, including 10,000 bend tests. While you should take such statements with a pinch of salt, it's good enough to give a confidence boost to buyers.


A thick Ethernet cable will stick out in your gaming or work-from-home setup. If you want to hide the Ethernet cable under a rug or table, you’ll find Jadaol's flat Ethernet cable to your liking.

Jadaol LAN cable comes in two color options – Black and White. Unlike some other alternatives on the list, Jadaol bundles 20 cable clips with your purchase. As such, you should be able to route the cable neatly. We do hope other manufacturers follow the company's lead to offer the same with their products too.

While Jadaol's cable is compliant with the Cat 6 standard, the claimed 10Gbps network speeds should suffice for most setups. The Jadaol LAN cable is available in numerous sizes ranging from 1FT to 200FT. It's weatherproof, waterproof, tangle free, and resists UV rays too, which is great.


Snowkids have a long Ethernet cable with a slim braided design for your perusal too. The cable can be tucked in neatly to clear the clutter. This in turn will help upscale your setup's aesthetics.

If you are a fan of slim design and don't want to settle for Jadaol's old Cat 6 standard, go with an Ethernet cable from Snowkids. To that end, the cable in question supports the latest Cat 8 standard and offers up to 40Gbps internet speeds. It comes in a handful of size options and you can snag one that is up to 80 feet in length.

Compared to a rounded Ethernet cable, this one takes less space and perfectly blends with your walls and under the carpet. What's more, per the brand, the cable has been tested with 15,000 bend tests, thereby making it sturdier than UGREEN's offering too (at least, on paper). Overall, you can expect it to work long-term without any hassles.


Although the pricing is on the higher side, Dacrown's ethernet cable offers universal compatibility, high-speed internet speeds, resistance against extremely high or low temperatures, and more. It's also one of the few Ethernet cables available in 200FT size.

Dacrown's ethernet cable can operate at a frequency of 2GHz (2,000 MHz) and it is compliant with the latest Cat 8 standard. Consequently, the cable supports internet speeds of up to 40Gbps. The Ethernet cable ships with a gold-plated RJ45 connector that's compatible with most devices.

The Dacrown ethernet cable is made of pure copper. It features a PVC outer cover, that safeguards it from pets. It's flexible and should last for several years. The cable is suitable for both, outdoor and indoor use as it comes with water resistance and anti-corrosion characteristics. To no one's surprise, customers have left raving reviews for the Dacrown ethernet cable.

If you are on a tight budget, you can go with Cat 6 Ethernet cable too. Although it's an old standard, the claimed 10Gbps internet bandwidth should be enough for a flawless gaming experience.

Most Ethernet cables should handle your internet bandwidth and meet your requirements without breaking a sweat. Your purchase decision mostly boils down to length, cable material and aesthetics, and frequency support. For example, flat cables are easier to hide under the carpet. On the flip side, some may find the braided cable pleasing for their gaming setup.

None of the Ethernet cables from the list above will disappoint you. Pick your favorite one and make the internet issues a thing of the past on your PC and Xbox. While you are at it, let us know your preference in the comments below.

Last updated on 27 May, 2023

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