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Ice Bath Experts Plunge Release Home Sauna Kit

Aug 05, 2023

This modular unit combines traditional sauna design with modern tech for an easy-to-assemble, pièce de résistance to your home backyard or cabin


Ellen Eberhardt


Images courtesy of Plunge

While cold plunge has taken off as the latest trend in the wellness and celebrity-fitness industry here in the US, the practice has been a tradition in parts of the world for centuries. And so has the practice of sauna. Having already cornered the market for the former, California-based Plunge has today released a new, standalone Plunge Sauna Kit for home use in attempt to grow their audience and help you complete the wellness dream routine.

A compliment the ice bath experience, the sauna completes what the company describes as "contrast therapy." A quick dip in cold water followed by heat immersion in the sauna is reportedly proven to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation among other health benefits. The Plunge Sauna is designed to elevate a wellness experience, both as a place to relax and for the more hardcore among us, an additional place to work out.

The Plunge Sauna comes in two sizes: The Standard, at 40 square feet, and the XL, at 56 square feet. Each size is delivered in a modular kit-of-parts, which two people can assemble in 1-2 hours, according to the company. Once completed, the sauna plugs into a standard 220V 30 amp' outlet, so sauna-ers can plug and play inside or outside their home, while settings can be adjusted in advance or real-time with the Plunge mobile app.

The exterior and interior benches are made in the US of sustainable knotted cedar or clear cedar cladding, while the interior features pine and hemlock paneling. Inside the uniquely shaped sauna, which naturally offers an ergonomic backrest for upper level loungers, the benches can be folded up to clear room for hot yoga or other fitness routines. Fully customizable lighting and generous floor-to-ceiling windows complete the sleek set-up.

Of course, the Plunge Sauna can be purchased and enjoyed on it's own (we suggest elevating the experience with these sauna accessories), but if you're looking for the ultimate Nordic-style health routine, consider pairing it with the company's popular Plunge tub. Or you can always go old school and roll in the snow (if it still snows where you live).

The Plunge Sauna is now available for pre-order and retails for $8,990-$11,990, depending on size and customizations.


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Published 05-04-2023