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How to speed up your WiFi and internet connection

May 05, 2023

Have you noticed your WiFi declining in speed or are you just looking for a faster internet connection in general? You may not even realize some of the major things you’re doing wrong that are slowing down your internet.

There are steps you can take from the placement of your router to extending your network through your house, and they’re all fairly simple ways to get the best connection possible.

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Do you know if your WiFi network requires a password or not? It's a small setting that makes a big difference when it comes to the security, privacy and speed of your connection.

Be sure to check your router's network settings either via the router's IP address (often located on the back or underside of the physical router) or on your WiFi's website or app. If you don't require a password, anyone could be stealing your WiFi and slowing down your connection.

The advice a few years back when it came to extending your WiFi was to get a WiFi extender. However, if you have a slow WiFi connection, an extender basically extends that bad connection.

If your WiFi or connection seems slower in other areas of your house, consider investing in a mesh network. They’re quick to install, just plug in a few devices in areas of your home further from the router, and you’ll immediately notice the difference when it comes to speed.

Each mesh access point plugs into a regular AC outlet without needing to run any other cables and also:

Many network gear companies are now pushing an upsell into subscription-based security for the router. Instead, you are better off, in most cases, choosing an overall security solution from one of the leaders of security protection software for all of your devices here.

What you really want when your Internet wireless signal isn't as strong in certain parts at home is more likely a wireless mesh router system that works with a couple to a few or several units plugged in around your home. What you’ll notice after upgrading to a good mesh system is a reliable internet signal everywhere at home and seldom ever a bump in the road with all your connected devices.

I had one of the original mesh systems that I replaced now that we are using multiple cameras outside for security, and I noticed it was taking a long time to switch from one camera to the next. The new mesh system took all of about 30 minutes to completely install and needed no special knowledge in advance. Boy, am I glad I did the upgrade.

The cameras come on instantly, streaming video from anywhere is flawless, and the management of the network is super easy, with the system automating a lot of tasks such as safety and automatically downloading updates which keeps the router safe from outsiders. Here are the three best choices for upgrading your home wireless internet to a smart mesh WiFi system.

Key factors: Ease of use. Fast speed. Wide Range. Price.

Check out our top mesh networking winners for the year here.

This one may seem super trivial, but again – a simple change could make a world of difference. If your WiFi router is sitting behind a couch or hidden in a drawer, you are blocking the signals from getting out as strongly as they can throughout the house. Make sure your router is placed in a centralized spot in your home with nothing covering it for the strongest connection.

While you’re taking the time to put your router in a safe spot, consider if the router itself is that safe. Check out our top 5 routers for the year here.

If your WiFi is generally ok, yet you’re worried about losing WiFi for a particular occasion, try using an ethernet cable so you’re connected directly to your internet through a wire. That way, you can't turn off the WiFi accidentally, or even if the connection gets spotty, you’ll be hardwired in.

Try something like this:

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Before you upgrade completely, double check you’re logged into your own WiFi's fastest network. You may be on the 2.4GHz connection as opposed to the 5GHz connection, which is a slower network.

If you have tried all of these options, you may have to upgrade to a faster internet speed. Contact your internet company and discuss upgrade options – you can usually get a better deal if you call and speak to the right representative and ask what promotions they currently have running.

Let us know if these tips helped you speed up your connection in the comments below.

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Your tip about Hardwiring your Internet connection instead of using Wifi. I have a Ethernet Cable but I have NO connection to plug into my Lap top. I can plug one end into my Modem/Router to no connection for my laptop. Is there a wire that one end is a ethernet plug and the other end that will fit into my Laptop SS connection? Thank you

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