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Akai launches MPC One+, but is it enough to rival Ableton Push?

Oct 27, 2023

The new MPC One+ features a new red finish, a Juno-60-inspired plugin, wifi, bluetooth and more storage


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Akai has launched the new MPC One+, adding a new red finish to its design as well as AIR's Juno-60-inspired plugin, wifi and Bluetooth capabilities and increased storage. Arriving just a week after the launch of Ableton's new standalone Push, is this the brand's bid to rival Ableton's new "timeless" workstation?

The MPC One+ adds to the original a special edition, eye-catching glossy red finish that celebrates the 35th anniversary of the MPC series, Akai explains.

Inside the standalone workstation and sequencer, however, are more additions, including WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. These allow for the wireless connection of MIDI devices, and to Ableton Link without the need for an Ethernet cable.

Users will also find a new plugin, AIR Jura, which replicates the iconic Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. This joins plugins previously available on the MPC One such as the AIR Delay Pro, Mini D, Studio Strings, Organ and the OPx-4.

There's also a whopping 16 GB of internal storage, which has been expanded from the relatively small 4 GB of storage initially offered with the original MPC One. If we’re comparing this to the Push, however, which carries 250 GB internal storage, there's a clear winner.

As with Akai's original MPC One, users will still find existing features like its intuitive touchscreen interface and connectivity with eight mono CV/Gate outputs. There's also an option for USB storage so you can expand on the native 16 GB. The MPC One+ also works with USB audio interfaces, meaning you can record audio directly into the device.

One major advantage the MPC One+ has over the Push, though, is its price tag. Coming in at just $699, it's far more affordable than its Ableton-branded rival, which clocks in at $1,999.

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