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Smithtown High Schools Honor Gold Cord Recipients

Nov 09, 2023

SMITHTOWN, NY — Smithtown High School East and Smithtown High School West recently honored their gold cord seniors, the school district announced.

Gold cord recipients must maintain a 4.0 GPA for all four years of high school.

Smithtown High School East honored 104 seniors on Thursday. Assistant Superintendent Kevin Simmons presented them gold cords, which the students will wear at graduation. Additionally, Principal Rob Rose handed each student a plaque. Assistant Principal Nicole Stech lauded the students.

At Smithtown High School West, 88 gold cord seniors were recognized on Thursday. Principal John Coady presented the gold cords. High School West Assistant Principal Chris Elsesser lauded the students, telling the crowd, "You all here are indeed extraordinary."

All guidance counselors from both high schools announced the students and looked back at their most memorable high school moments and announced their future college plans.

Michael DeSantis